Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

How would your LIFE be affected if you suddenly lost all your computer data?

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Emails, Contacts, Financial Records GONE; It takes less than a second to completely destroy years worth of your valuable business records.

ITS Techs provides the online data backup solution you need to make data protection Easy, Automatic, Secure and Worry Free! So when disaster does strike, no matter how extensive, you will be up and running again in no time at all!

ITS Techs’ online data backup service helps protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage facility every night. There’s nothing you have to do.

  • ITS Techs’ online backup service is automatic, affordable, and secure.
  • No one can access your data, not even us.
  • Your most valuable business asset will always be safe, even if your computers are not.
  • Quickly recover critical data files lost due to human error, viruses, hardware failure, natural disaster, or theft.

We Make Data Protection Easy and Worry Free!

Don’t become a statistic! Let ITS Techs help to protect your business from a catastrophic failure that can destroy your most valuable asset. Don’t assume that, just because it never happened before, it never will!

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Benefits of ITS Techs’ Online Backup Service

Automatic – Background backups, without any user intervention, faster and with less bandwidth than ever before.

Flexible – Storage of multiple versions of your most valuable files. Data can be backed up anytime, multiple times per day, or on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly – whatever the best solution for your company.

Easy – No storage devices to configure or extra media to buy. Backups over Intranets, the Internet, or Dial-Up Networking to automatically protect you from loss.

Secure – Your files and documents are securely stored offsite, encrypted and can only be read with the special key you create.

Convenient – 24 hour-a-day access to your data, all users have the ability to instantly restore any version of their data.

Mobile Users – Can easily backup their data in minutes while checking their e-mail or searching the web. All data is encrypted during transmission so it’s totally safe over the Internet.

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