If We Don't Fix It, You Don't Pay

Why ITS Techs

Innovative Service Agreements

ITS Techs offer innovative service agreements, with no long-term commitments, that are tailored to your specific needs, giving you peace of mind about the functionality and security of your network, whether you’re in or out of the office.

Understandable & Reliable

Our experienced technicians will consult with you in terms you can understand, leaving out the “techie talk.” After a thorough analysis of your issue, we’ll let you know what needs to be done and why, how long it will take and how much it will cost. We keep our promises—or you don’t pay.

Affordable Rates & Cost Cutting Measures

We offer top-of-the-line service at prices even the smallest business can afford. Our carefully planned and well-designed network solutions take every opportunity to boost revenues and reduce costs by using such measures as remote support and automating routine administrative functions.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Staff

Not only do our technicians have years of experience in trouble shooting, network design, installation and strategic planning, they bring to you a unique combination of practical experience from the “executive office” and skilled training from the “IT department.” This dual experience enables us to understand your business objectives and then match them to your technology needs.

Technology Products

You don’t have to worry about finding the right components for your system. ITS Techs has the essential hardware & software you need for your computer network, everything from computers to routers, and data back up to antivirus software.

  • Managed IT Services

    Managed IT Services

    With Managed IT Services, we can take corrective action through remote monitoring before problems occur and often before you notice.

  • Installation


    We coordinate the entire installation process including hardware set-up, software installation, network systems installation, and network configuration.

  • Remote Support

    Remote Support

    With ITS Techs remote support capabilities, we can work on your individual computer or your network without leaving the office.

    Mac Support