About Us

When you want to get the most out of your computer technology, you need a partner who shows up when needed, performs the services you require with integrity, and always has your best interests at heart.

That’s who we are at ITS Techs. We like working with our customers, and we do everything possible to make sure we earn your trust. We want to see our customers succeed, and we’ll do what’s required to connect you with the technology you need to grow and thrive, whether you’re a business or an individual. And yes — we always look for the most cost-effective solutions.

We build partnerships with our customers, coming to you whenever possible across middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky to bring you the solutions you need for growth, productivity, and profitability. We understand what it means to be a small business without unlimited resources, and we always put your needs (and your budget) first.

Our owner, Jim Butera, has been working with consumers and business customers for more than 25 years with the goal of helping them get the most out of their technology. Jim worked for four different Fortune 500 companies, including tech companies. (Do you remember Gateway Computers? How about Comp USA?) During that time, he served customers well and learned what he needed to forge a new path with his own company.

In 2003, Jim opened his own business in his home — and everything grew from that humble start. You’ll find ITS Techs now in our own facility in Hendersonville, TN, which we use as a home base to reach out to consumers and small businesses in the area. We come to you to save you time and get you the technology you need so that you can, in turn, spend your time focusing on your customers and your products.

If you’re looking for a computer tech partner who always acts with integrity and who puts your needs first, ITS Techs is here for you. Contact us at 615.824.8497 to see how we can help you.